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John1aJohn Walsh, the Black Cabbie Trader has been interested in the stock market for as long as he can remember. As a teenager he used to keep the share price pages from the daily newspaper, following and dutifully recording tickers and prices. It wasn’t until the end of 2012 when he was in his late 20’s that he entered a trading competition here in the UK called the ‘City Index Trading Academy’. John’s trading journey really began here – he not only learned to trade, he went on to win the competition and the £100,000 prize! He started day trading indices with some success, but as share trading had always been his passion, he returned to this and began trading stocks to the long side only.

All this took place while John was ‘doing the knowledge’ to become a London Black Cab driver. After completing the knowledge and gaining the elusive Green Badge, which every London cabbie wears with pride, he continued his trading education. At this point it became clear to him that trend trading both to the long and short side using 52 week highs and lows as a guide was the way forward. John subsequently developed a technique and a scanning system that focussed on movement and triggers, all but ignoring fundamentals, and the ‘Black Cabbie Trader’ was born.

John’s rise to fame has been well documented. The City Index competition win propelled him into the spotlight, where he remains a regular trading pundit, on TV, podcast and radio. In typical cabbie fashion, he will talk stocks and trading day and night, not only to his ‘fares’, but to an army of followers. Here at blackcabbietrader.com, John is in permanent residence, publishing his daily Routemaster blog, and his live trading strategy via ‘The Knowledge’.

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